Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Langtry TX

March 4 2014
On my way to the Rio Grande Valley I stopped by the historical little town of Langtry TX. I’m sure you have all heard of Judge Roy Bean, the man who made this town famous. They also have a great visitor center here and I needed to pick up the Great Texas Birding Trail maps for areas I will be visiting.
There is way too much to say about this place for my blog but you can check it out on the web.

The Famous Saloon/Courthouse - Lantry TX
Old Photo Hanging in the Saloon - Langtry TX
Sign Hanging in the Saloon - Langtry TX
The Bar and Boot Rail in the Saloon - Langtry TX
State Historical Sign - Langtry TX
It's still a very small town. Only the very end of the building is the PO.
The rest of the building is an snack shoop. - Langtry TX

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