Sunday, January 26, 2014

Tombstone AZ

Jan 24 2014
Drove to Benson AZ to check out a couple of wildlife refuges. While there, I moseyed on down to Tombstone for a little history lesson.

The Earps taking a stroll in Tombstone AZ
Tombstone AZ Founder

Big Nose Kate was Doc Holidays Lady Friend
Had a nice burger for lunch here
Drink Menue at Big Nose Kates Bar
I just had a sarsaparilla
The Famous Bird Cage Theatre
If walls could talk
Portrait of Fatima from the Bird Cage Theatre
Old Crystal Palace
Wonder what goes on in there
You can take a Stagecoach tour of the town
Reflection in a stained glass window
I had a nice conversation with this bones player. He gave me some good tips.
Hanging out with the Earps in Tombstone AZ
Here comes trouble
The Earps and Doc Holiday
at a reenactment of the shoot-out at the OK Corral
The Clanton Gang
at a reenactment of the shoot-out at the OK Corral
The Earps were left standing, but many folks felt they were to blame for the fight. They left town for their own safety.
Pictured is a  reenactment of the shoot-out at the OK Corral
Sign at the entrance to Boothill cemetery. Tombstone AZ.
Grave in the Boothill Cemetery - Tombstone AZ
Bought a stolen horse. Oops.
Killed by the Earps during the OK Corral shoot-out.
Sign in town - Tombstone AZ

Friday, January 24, 2014

Cibola NWR AZ

Jan 16 2014
While I was camped in Quartzsite AZ, I took a side trip to the Cibola NWR.

Say's Phoebe - Cibola NWR AZ

Burrowing Owl - Cibola NWR AZ
Osprey with fish - Cibola NWR AZ
Blue Heron - Cibola NWR AZ
Anna's Hummingbird - Cibola NWR AZ
American Kestrel - Cibola NWR AZ
Greater Roadrunner - Cibola NWR
Great Egret - Cibola NWR AZ
Sandhill Cranes and Canada Geese - Cibola NWR AZ

Quartzsite Rally Jan 2014

Jan 15 – 21 2014
I arrived in Quartzsite AZ to attend the annual boondocking rally in the desert. The rally was very well attended this year. There were over 100 rigs. As usual it was great to visit with old friends and make new friends. The campfires were warm and making music in their glow was fun and rewarding. 
A ceremony was held at the RVW Memorial section of Celia's Garden to remember those RVW members that have passed. This is a very well done memorial that was created by several RVW members who hauled rocks in from the surrounding area. When an RVW member has passed a plaque is created and placed in the garden. 

RVW Memorial at Ceclia's Garden - Quartzsite AZ
RVW Memorial at Ceclia's Garden - Quartzsite AZ

Friends - Sandy and Jody
Mary Brumfield with daughter and daughter-in-law
Meeting of the new "Boonies" chapter at sunset

Visit with Cooper and Irene in Chloride AZ

Jan 14 2014
On my way to the Quartzsite rally I stopped by for a brief visit with my friends Cooper and Irene at their winter home in Chloride AZ. The web page for chloride states that “
Today, Chloride is a peaceful community of approximately 250 people. The mines are closed; the residents are active, semi-retired, retired, business people, families and artists who enjoy a relaxed lifestyle in the village. Some say Chloride doesn't have any ordinary people living here - just characters! That may be true!
My friends took me on an ATV ride to view some giant rock paintings by artist Roy Purcell. Then it was on to a tour of the town with its old buildings and interesting yard decorations. I’ve noticed a recurring theme in the desert when it comes to yard decorations. Anything that rusts or is made of glass is used. I think many just wonder the desert and bring home whatever they find to put in their yards. Others make art of their finds by joining them together to create unique forms and creatures.
We also visited the local cemetary where we found many unmarked graves from the time when this was a booming silver mine community. Then they treated me to lunch at one of the local watering holes. It was a great visit.

Irene and Cooper with Annie Bones and Tucker
Roy Purcell Mural - Chloride AZ
If walls could talk
Help - I'm innocent I tell you.
Unmarked graves at the local cemetery