Friday, December 27, 2013

Last visit to Gray Lodge NWR and Sacramento SWR

Dec 23-25 2013
After attending the Dec FreeWheelers outing and spending some time back in the Grass Valley area to attend to some annual health tests I returned to the central valley and visited Gray Lodge State Wildlife Refuge and Sacramento NWR. This may be my last trip to these places as I will return to MO in the Spring and most likely establish a permanent residence there. I have visited these refuges at least once a year for many years. I will miss these wild places.

Snow Geese Gray Lodge SWR 12-13-13

Red-shouldered Hawk Gray Lodge SWR 12-13-13

Red-tailed Hawk Dark Phase Gray Lodge SWR 12-13-13

Great Blue Heron Gray Lodge SWR 12-13-13

Ruby-crowned Kinglet Gray Lodge SWR 12-13-13

Snow Geese - Sacramento NWR 12-25-13

Pintails in flight - Sacramento NWR 12-25-13
Ring-necked Duck - Sacramento NWR 12-25-13
Snow Geese - Sacramento NWR 12-25-13

Snow Geese - Sacramento NWR 12-25-13

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Rock Wrens

During the visit with my friend Lolo this weekend she showed me an area where I could find a cute little bird called a Rock Wren. I went back today and sat for several hours before this little cutie came and posed for me. I thought that was awfully considerate of it.

I'm too cute for my feathers

This is my good side. Take this.
Rockn' Rock Wren
Can't fence ME in

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Sacramento NWR and Gray Lodge SWR Thanksgiving Weekend

Nov 29 – 30 2013
My friend Lolo drove up from the bay area to join me in a trip to Gray Lodge SWR and the Sacramento NWR. We had a great time touring both areas over the weekend then it was back to work on Monday for her. I spent Monday morning photographing the Tundra Swans that spend their winters in the flooded fields here in the valley.

Sunset - Gray Lodge NWR
Red-shouldered Hawk Sacramento NWR
Red-tailed Hawk - Sacramento NWR
Western Meadowlark - Sacramanto NWR
Snow Geese - Gray Lodge SWR
Mallard Pair - Sacramento NWR
Greater White-fronted Goose - Sacramento NWR
Eared Grebe - Sacramento NWR
Black Phoebe - Sacramento NWR
American Pipit
Tundra Swans
Taking Off
My money is on the little guy on the left