Thursday, June 27, 2013

Ruby Lake NWR NV

Here are the images of water fowl I referred to in my last post. The Ruby Lake NWR is not as easy to get to as the Lamoille Canyon. We traveled 30 miles of paved road, 20 miles of washboard loose gravel, and a couple of miles on a hard packed dirt road. It was well worth the trip. As I mentioned in my last post, I would love to return in the spring. This is the first NWR I have visited that has a campground. Of course for those of us with trailers that means pulling the trailer over several miles of dirt road.

Canvasback Female with Young

Canvasback Ducklings
White-faded Ibis
Double-crested Cormorant
Black-crowned Night-Heron
Great Blue Heron
Homestead Cabin Relocated to the Ruby Lake NWR

Ruby Mountains - Lamoille Canyon - Thomas Canyon Campground - NV

June 24 – 26 2013
A fellow FreeWheeler member is work camping at the Thomas Canyon campground in the Lamoille Canyon in the Ruby Mountains NV. I decided to stop and visit for a couple of days on my way to explore Montana. I had ask myself why she has returned to this summer job for the last five years. It didn’t take long to figure that out. The drive up the canyon to the campground was all I needed to answer my own question. This is a beautiful canyon and is only 20 miles South of Elko NV. If you should find yourself in the area I highly recommend a trip to Thomas Canyon campground. If you should decide to visit this area you can reserve a campsite through
On one of Patty’s days off we took a drive over to the Ruby Lake NWR. The refuge is a little farther off the beaten path, but I would love to return in the spring to catch the migrating birds. I'll make a separate post for the bird images from this trip.

Camp Hosts Patty and Sammy
Glacier Carved Canyon
View from Thomas Canyon Campground
Early Morning Light. - View from the Campground
End of the Road up the Canyon
Moon over the Canyon
Anyone up for a hike?
Oh What a Beautiful Day in the Canyon

Band Practice in Sparks NV

June 22, 23 2012 Sat, Sun
This weekend band members Laura and Robin hosted a practice at their home in Sparks NV. Not only did we practice for the upcoming RVW convention in Oct, but we had a wonderful lunch and dinner provided by our hosts. We were joined by other friends and some of Robin’s family for dinner. A great time was had by all. 

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Yuba Pass CA Camping and Birding

June 12 – 16 2013
I left the triple digits of the Sacramento Valley to enjoy the cool weather at 6,500 feet elevation. I woke up Friday morning to 35 degrees.  What a contrast.
I joined an old friend and a new friend at the Yuba Pass campground on highway 49. They were camping in tents. They are younger than me. They arose early each morning and joined their birding group for a day of traveling to several locations to find various birds. This area is visited by many birding groups this time of year. My friends group identified many more bird species than I even knew existed.  Some of the birders can identify birds by their song. That’s quite a talent. I found many more birds than I was able to document with the camera. They just don’t always want their photos taken.
Here are the few images I managed to take.

Yellow-headed Blackbird - Sierra Valley CA
White-faced Ibis - Sierra Valley CA
Green-tailed Towhee - Sardine Lake CA
American Dipper - Wild Plum Campground CA
American Dipper Feeding Young - Wild Plum Campground CA
American Bittern - Sierra Valley CA
Pied-billed Grebe with Young - Sierra Valley CA
Steller's Jay - Sardine Lake CA
Sardine Lake CA

Monday, June 10, 2013

Crystal Basin Recreation Area CA

June 6 – 2013 Thurs
While trying to escape the triple digit temperatures in the central valley I took a day trip up to the Crystal Basin Area above Pollock Pines CA. This area is well worth a visit. It is closed in the winter months, but is open from about Memorial Day to Labor Day depending on the weather. Actilvites include fishing, hiking, birding, kayaking and camping. I could get my 18’ trailer in any campsite, but most sites are limited in length. I camped with a friend up here a couple of years ago and she found a site to park her 30’ class A RV. As is the case in many National Forest campgrounds many of the campgrounds in this area are run by a contract concessionaire. All US passes are still acceptable. My senior pass was good for 50% off the camping fee or day use fee.
If you do visit the area, bring all the food and supplies you will need during your stay. Plan on dry camping. There are a couple of dump stations available. 

The scenery is breathtaking.
For more information contact:

Memorial to Air Tanker Pilots on the way up to Crystal Basin CA

Big Hill Vista Point - Crystal Basin CA

Map of the "Stairway of Power" - Crystal Basin CA
Loon Lake Campground - Crystal Basin CA
Loon Lake - Crystal Basin CA
Loon Lake - Crystal Basin CA
Ice House Lake - Crystal Basin CA
Crystal Basin Wilderness Area CA
Fox Sparrow - Crystal Basin CA