Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Sandhill Cranes

Oct 26-30 2013
I moved over to Flag City RV Park because they have cable TV and I want to watch the world series. It hasn’t been pretty so far. St Louis is getting spanked in their own house.
There was no game today so I drove over to Consumnes River Preserve to check out the Sandhill Cranes.

Sandhill Crane Consomnes River Preserve near Lodi CA
Sandhill Crane Consomnes River Preserve near Lodi CA
Sandhill Crane Consomnes River Preserve near Lodi CA
Hey little friends
Clear the Runway
Here we come
It ain't pretty, but it's a landing
What a handsome pair

Now now, let's not loose our temper
Coming in for a landing

Sacramento NWR

Oct 20-25 2013
I stayed at the Canyon Creek Resort for a few days. This is a sister park to my RPI home park so I can stay here 5 days for $15. It’s a nice park nestled in a canyon along Putah Creek on CA highway 128 on the way to Lake Berryessa. While I was there I met a couple of friends at a nearby casino for lunch and a little gambling. I came out a looser this time. One afternoon I took a trip over to Sacramento National Wildlife Refuge. There were so many wasps I could hardly open my window long enough to take photos.

Lots of Geese
Greater White-fronted Geese
Great Egret
Ring-necked Pheasant peeking out of the grass
Savannah Sparrow
Northern Harrier (Marsh Hawk)

Back to GV

Oct 15 -20 2013
I moved back up to the Nevada County Fairgrounds RV Park so I could do a couple follow up Doctor appointments and pick up my mail again. Still no health care info in the mail. 

RVW National Convention 2013

Oct 5 – 14 2013
I attended the annual RVW National Convention. This year it was held at the CAL EXPO Center in Sacramento CA. I performed with the “All Girl Band” and sat in with a couple other groups. I volunteered at the help desk on Friday and attended several workshops. I was on the “question/answer” panel at the workshop about full timing in your RV. It was good to visit with old friends and make new friends from all over the country. These photos were emailed to me by a friend.

Nancy, Cindy, and me on the tambourine
Thursa, Dottie, and me on the spoons
Thursa, Dottie, and me on the boomba
Marie and Dottie on accordian, Thursa on harmonica, and me on spoons

Taking care of business

Oct 1-4
I moved up to the Nevada County Fairgrounds RV Park so I could take care of a couple of Doctor appointments, pick up my mail, get the oil changed on the truck, have lunch with old neighbors, and take care of some business in Grass Valley. This is where I still maintain a physical address. 

Haley's Batmizfah

Sept 26 – 30 2013
I arrived at SF RV Park in Pacifica on Thursday. I met my friend Lolo on Friday at a Stanford Women’s Volleyball game. While there, I ran into another friend Cathy. And Stanford won. It was a good evening.
Saturday was my friend Marilyn’s youngest daughter Haley’s Batmizfah. It was a very nice ceremony and a wonderful celebration with food, drinks, dancing and visiting with old friends afterward. 

Haley the Batmizfa girl