Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Falcon State Park and Salineno Texas

March 4 – 10 2014
A little update for my birding friends. Falcon State Park TX no longer has their bird feeders out. The volunteers have been told they can only have one feeder per RV site. No one seems to be too happy about it. They were also told that any employee or volunteer that visited the Salineno bird feeders would no longer have a job. They were told it was unsafe. I got this from the Salineno volunteers. Also starting next year the Salineno feeding station will be run by Texas fish and game. Two of the volunteers will return to volunteer, but the other two will not.
Sounds like a bunch of poopy is going on.
I spent a day at Salineno and found the usual plethora of birds.

Altamira Oriole - Salineno TX

Audubon's Oriole - Salineno TX
Audubon's Orieole - Salineno TX
Great Kisskadee - Salineno TX
Green Jay - Salineno TX
Ladder-backed Woodpecker Female- Salineno TX
Ladder-backed Woodpecker Male - Salineno TX
Orange-crowned Warbler - Salineno TX
Orange-crowned Warbler - Salineno TX
White-tipped Dove - Salineno TX
Greater Roadrunner - Falcon State Park TX
Inca Dove - Falcon State Park TX

Northern Bobwhite - Falcon State Park TX

Pyrrhuloxia Female - Falcon State Park TX

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