Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Eisenhower Lock on the St Lawrence Seaway

Aug 27, 2012 Mon
Today I visited the Eisenhower Lock on the St Lawrence Seaway. They have a viewing platform that allows you to watch a ship come into the lock.
A ship enters the lock. The doors are closed and then water is either fed in or drained out depending on whether the ship is bound up river or down. Once the water level is equal to that of the direction the ship is going the ship exits the lock. They can fill the lock with water in 7 minutes. That’s pretty amazing.
To reach the campground I had to pull my trailer through a tunnel that goes under the Eisenhower lock. I admit I had some trepidation at first, then I just drove really fast till I reached the other side.
Ship entering the low water end of the dock. After the gate at the end of the lock is closed, the water will be raised to the high water mark you see on the side of the lock.
High water end of the lock where the ship will exit
Ship in the lock passing over the tunnel that leads to the campground.
Camping on the St Lawrence Seaway. The ships that pass through the lock also pass by the campground.

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