Wednesday, August 29, 2012

1000 Islands on the St Lawrence River NY

Aug 25, 2012 Sat
On the suggestion of my younger sister I visited Alexandria Bay on the St Lawrence River in New York state and took a tour boat ride through the 1000 islands area of the St Lawrence River. She said “it’s so beautiful you must see it” Well I thought "beautiful" meant scenery. To my surprise this area is a playground of the rich. We’re talking the top 10% rich. My sister and I have different ideas about beautiful. She’s more the “Home’s and Garden” type and I’m more the National Park / wildlife type.
I imagine the area was gorgeous before humans decided to build on the islands. There are no sewer systems on the islands. The properties have huge holding tanks and honey wagon barges come around and empty the tanks.
The water traffic on the river boarders on dangerous in both volume and speed. Our boat pilot had to dodge more than one boat that cut in front of us. He would blow the VERY loud horn. One time our tour guide gave a boater a good scolding.
There are small patches of undeveloped areas and a state park in the area.
Big House 1
Big House and Big Boat House
Big House 3
Really Big Housse with Really Big Boats
Oldie but Goody
1000 Island NY Tour Boat
Speed Boat

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