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Seneca Falls NY

Aug 24, 2012 Friday
I visited the town of Seneca Falls NY today. For those of you who may not be familiar with this town or the historical significance of Seneca Falls here is a crash course.
As early as the 1840’s Seneca Falls was gaining a reputation for social and religious reform. Abolition of Slavery and the Underground Railroad, the Temperance movement and women's rights were among issues supported by local residents. On July 19 and 20, 1848 the first Convention on Women's Rights was held at the Wesleyan Chapel on Fall Street in Seneca Falls. Organized by Jane Hunt, Elizabeth Cady Stanton, Mary Ann M'Clintock and others, it was the birth of the Women's Rights Movement.
If you are a woman and you appreciate the fact that you can not only earn a wage, but keep the money for yourself and not turn it over to your husband or father, or you appreciate being able to own property, and appreciate the right to vote, then you should put Seneca Falls NY on YOUR bucket list.
I visited the National Women’s Hall of Fame and the Women’s Rights National Park while I was in Seneca Falls.
The Women’s Hall of Fame is a small space, but they have purchased a new building – actually it’s an old garment factory – so they can display all the artifacts that have been donated to them from the friends and families of the Hall of Fame inductees. All they need is about a million dollars to complete the project. The current space has mounted photos of the inductees with a short bio included.
The purpose of the Hall of Fame is to honor American women who have made valuable contributions that have helped to develop the country in one of the following fields: government, arts, business, philanthropy, science, athletics, education, or humanities.
The Women’s Rights National Park is a two story building that celebrates the history and ongoing struggle of women to gain equality. If you should visit this national treasure, be sure and take the time to view the film that is shown throughout the day.

You women rock
And just across the street
WRNP Display
WRNP Display
Dressn' up
Statues at the WRNP
One of my faves
Future home of the National Women's Hall of Fame

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