Thursday, June 21, 2012

Flowers of Sainte Genevieve MO

My sister Janet is a Home and Garden sort of gal. She convinced me to join her on a tour of peoples private flower gardens in the town of Saint Genevieve MO. It was a fund raising event. Janet helps her friend Sara with the operation of Sara's Ice Cream Palor in Sainte Genevieve. If you ever visit MO, Sainte Genevieve is a MUST see. Sainte Genevieve Missouri c1735 has the greatest concentration of French Colonial buildings in North America. And don't forget to visit the ice cream shop.

Here are a few examples of the flowers we found.

Asiatic Lily Orange

Asiatic Lily Yellow


Common Fleabane

Day Lily

Flower Garden


Lambs Ear

Red Hot Poker

Shasta Daisy

Wild Rose

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