Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Saint Joseph MO

June 19, 2012 Tuesday

I left my niece’s house at 8:00 AM and arrived in St Joseph MO between 1:00 PM and 2:00 PM.
The Pony Express Museum in Saint Joseph has been on my bucket list for some time.
Took a nap and then edited the last of the photos from the visit home.
St Joseph is a town rich in history as it was the last real town of any size people heading west to the “new frontier” would see. It was the beginning of the Pony Express route and has a great museum that explains the history of the Pony Express and also contains a good deal of USPS history. I visited several of the many museums Saint Joseph has to offer and I spent the better part of a day exploring the Remington Nature Center located on the banks of the Missouri River.

The  Nature Center features information about the rich mineral and fossil deposits in the Missouri Valley as well as the natural and cultural history of the area.
While I truly enjoyed the museums and Nature Center I was really impressed by the unique carousel animals in the Patee House Museum. The Patee House was a grand Hotel in its time and housed the post office where the Pony Express rider picked up the mail. Here are a few examples of the carousel animals:

Hummingbird Carousel Animal - Patee House Museum

Unicorn Carousel Animal - Patee House Museum

T-Rex Carousel Animal - Patee Museum

Eagle Carousel Animal - Patee House Museum

I did manage to snap a couple of other shots around St Joseph. Here ya go.
Pony Express Statue in Saint Joseph MO
Moment in time. 7:15 PM, April 3, 1860. The Pony Express Begins in St Joseph MO.

And I think my camera gear is heavy

Ride'n In Style

The House Where Jesse James was Murdered

I Love Old Steam Engines

Another Project for Sandy Tuet?

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  1. Those are the weirdest carousel animals I've ever seen. Kids must really flock there! I love old west history...So who did murder Jesse James?
    Irene Stevens