Friday, December 27, 2013

Last visit to Gray Lodge NWR and Sacramento SWR

Dec 23-25 2013
After attending the Dec FreeWheelers outing and spending some time back in the Grass Valley area to attend to some annual health tests I returned to the central valley and visited Gray Lodge State Wildlife Refuge and Sacramento NWR. This may be my last trip to these places as I will return to MO in the Spring and most likely establish a permanent residence there. I have visited these refuges at least once a year for many years. I will miss these wild places.

Snow Geese Gray Lodge SWR 12-13-13

Red-shouldered Hawk Gray Lodge SWR 12-13-13

Red-tailed Hawk Dark Phase Gray Lodge SWR 12-13-13

Great Blue Heron Gray Lodge SWR 12-13-13

Ruby-crowned Kinglet Gray Lodge SWR 12-13-13

Snow Geese - Sacramento NWR 12-25-13

Pintails in flight - Sacramento NWR 12-25-13
Ring-necked Duck - Sacramento NWR 12-25-13
Snow Geese - Sacramento NWR 12-25-13

Snow Geese - Sacramento NWR 12-25-13

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