Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Sacramento NWR and Gray Lodge SWR Thanksgiving Weekend

Nov 29 – 30 2013
My friend Lolo drove up from the bay area to join me in a trip to Gray Lodge SWR and the Sacramento NWR. We had a great time touring both areas over the weekend then it was back to work on Monday for her. I spent Monday morning photographing the Tundra Swans that spend their winters in the flooded fields here in the valley.

Sunset - Gray Lodge NWR
Red-shouldered Hawk Sacramento NWR
Red-tailed Hawk - Sacramento NWR
Western Meadowlark - Sacramanto NWR
Snow Geese - Gray Lodge SWR
Mallard Pair - Sacramento NWR
Greater White-fronted Goose - Sacramento NWR
Eared Grebe - Sacramento NWR
Black Phoebe - Sacramento NWR
American Pipit
Tundra Swans
Taking Off
My money is on the little guy on the left

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