Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Vermont Color

Oct 10, 2012 Wed
I have been in Vermont for three weeks and I have seen the sun for about two hours. You laugh. It’s true. Almost all of my photos were taken with overcast skies. I liked the muted colors caused by the defused light, but the photos weren’t exactly post card quality. This post will concentrate on the colorful hillsides of Vermont. I will include other Vermont attractions in separate posts.
Colorful Hillside VT
Color in the hills VT
Colorful Trees and Moon VT
Small Barn and Hillside color
Shot from Wal-Mart parking lot
Roadside scene VT
Vermont Color
What a spectacle to come home to
This was a nice spot to sit and reflect
Colorful Reflection

The Green Mountains VT
Coming down from the Green Mountains VT
View from Hog Mountain VT
White River VT on a gloomy day

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