Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Other Vermont Attractions

While in Vermont I visited the State Building in Montpelier. I toured several "sugar houses" where all sorts of maple products are sold and they give tours of the factory. I love to watch the pressing of apples into apple juice. YUM.
I visited the Vermont Institute of Natural Science (VINS) where I attended a talk about the rehabilitation program they have for injured birds. They introduced us to several of the resisdent raptors.
My favorite thing to do was drive the back roads through some of the many small towns that dot the countryside. I have discovered that the people who live in the places I visit are the best resource for locating the local attractions.

Red-tailed Hawk - VINS
Red-tailed Hawk - VINS
Turkey Vulture - VINS

Grist Mill and Museum - Weston VT
Dorset Marble Quarry - Now flooded - First in the country - 1785
One of my camping spots in Vermont
Quechee Gorge VT
State Building - Montpelier VT - The blue sky was a rare treat
Waterwheel Quilt Shop - Londonderry VT

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