Friday, May 4, 2012

Photo Challenge

Sometimes I like to give myself challenges just to try and keep my photography skills fresh. Although the smaller birds rarely sit still long enough to catch a clear shot they do have moments of hesitation.
It's one thing to catch a little bird sitting on a perch, but quite another to catch birds in flight or exhibiting some interesting behavior.
So while I was sitting in my truck at the beach I thought I would try to catch some of those special moments.

Dancing Willet

Least Tern in flight

Sandwich Tern in flight
Wilson's Plover with shrimp

Royal Tern in flight

Caspian Tern in flight


  1. Damn great photos Judy. I can see you are having a ball. So glad you're getting to live your dream. Miss ya!!
    ~ Christy

  2. Great action pics. Love your photos. Glad you are getting to be at this spring migration.

  3. The last pic here, labelled as a Caspian Tern, is also of a Royal Tern. Note the orange (not reddish) bill, no dark bill tip, longer tail than that of Caspian and so on. Lovely images, by the way, especially the landing Willet!