Thursday, April 26, 2012

Lizard Battle

While I was waiting for a little bird to land in front of me so I could photograph it I was surprised by the actions of two male lizards. They seem to be having a dispute over something - territory I suspect. They began by posturing then in a short time they began lunging at each other. After that they started locking jaws and rolling around. This was all taking place on a limb about 4 inches wide. They finally started to fall off the limb when one of them caught a small shoot coming out of the limb with his hind claw. They both hung like this for several minutes with the lizard on the bottom hanging from the jaw of the top lizard who was keeping them both from falling with his claw wrapped around this small shoot. They finally both fell to the ground and scurried off in different directions. One lizard had lost the tip of his tail, but other than that I don't think any permanent damage was done.
There was only myself and one other photographer to record this. It was quite a sight. After it was all over we just looked at each other and at the same time said "WOW".

Oh yeah. Bring it.

Jaws locked in battle

OK Bubba - you're toast

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