Friday, March 2, 2012

Birds In A Windy Cactus Garden

March 2, 2012 Fri

I wonder if the Southwest desert wind has ever caused anyone to go completely insane. I’m just say’n……. ENOUGH IS TOO MUCH.
The trailer has been rocking all day. I just stayed inside and caught up on computer work. At least I could get online. I think the next stop will be a no cell or internet spot.
I’ve spent two days at Poncho Villa state park in NM. It is in the town of Columbus. It’s like camping in a cactus garden. The grounds are very well maintained. Besides the wind it’s been a pleasant stay. I had the pleasure of visiting with friends Carole and Linda. I'll join up with them again in Texas. Here’s a website that explains how historically important this town is.

And of course I found a few birds to photograph.

Cactus Wren - OUCH!!!

Lark Bunting - How do they perch like that?

White-winged Dove in the wind

Black-throated Sparrow

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