Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Patagonia Lake State Park AZ

Feb 23, - Feb 28 2012
Spent a week at Patagonia Lake State Park AZ. I arrived at the campground about noon on Wed. It was quiet and peaceful with lots of birds in the trees, just as my friends who visited here a couple of weeks ago had promised. Then the parade started. Little did I know, there was a rodeo in Tucson and the schools were out Thurs and Fri. Guess rodeos are a big deal around these parts.The RV’s started lining up at the gate, each with a minimum of 5 children each. The campground soon filled to capacity with adults and children whose sole purpose seemed to be to make my camping experience as unpleasant as possible. They didn’t seem to be camping to enjoy the natural surroundings. They were in 24 / 7 party mode. I don’t get it. They could stay home and party. Why come to a campground and be loud and obnoxious. Oh well, I spent Fri, Sat, and Sun grocery shopping, doing laundry, and visiting other sites and birding places in the area. I also found a few Javelina or Collared Peccary. They are the only wild, native, piglike animal found in the United States. By Sunday afternoon there were just a few other campers and myself left to enjoy the solitude. I spent the next couple of days photographing the birds in the campground.

Area surrounding Patagonia Lake State Park AZ

Javelina Baby

Javelina Adult

Eurasian Collared-Doves
 Vermilion Flycatcher 

Broad-billed Hummingbird

Mexican Jay

Lark Sparrow

Violet-crowned Hummingbird

White-winged Dove


  1. Yea, we found the weekend to be pretty obnoxious there. Decided next time we will do as you did, stay away on the weekends and come back when the hardy partiers have gone home. Great pictures. Don't get lost in Bush country.

  2. We've had similar weekend experiences there but love the place during the week.
    Really enjoy your pictures. Wonderful hummers.