Sunday, July 14, 2013

Yellowstone NP and Lake Hebgen Camping

July 10 -15 2013
I arrived at Madison Arm Resort on Lake Hebgen in the Gallatin National Forest MT on July 10. I met with four other members of the AGB and one other FreeWheeler. We had a lovely dinner together and the next morning said goodbye to Jane who was on her way to Cody WY and then to Canada. You go girl. Laura, Robin, Marie, and I held a mini concert for some of the folks in the campground. They seem to appreciate our little group and it was good practice for us. Our sound person Kathy was there to give us moral support. I don’t know about the others, but I needed that.
The next day I was off on the one day I had set aside to explore Yellowstone NP. The park was only a few minutes from the campground. Of course it is a HUGE park and one day is hardly enough to see it. I had been to Yellowstone in 1989 so I skipped the geothermal areas and places where I thought the crowds would be. I went on a couple of back roads in the park that I had missed during my first visit. I was in search of wildlife and was disappointed that I didn’t see Moose, Bear, or Wolves, but I did manage to find some Bison and Elk and some beautiful scenery.

It was good to meet up with friends in MT

It is hard to tell from this photo, but I was playing the spoons
The sign speaks for itself
Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone
Lower Yellowstone Falls in the Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone
The Hayden Valley - Yellowstone NP
On the way up to Mount Washburn - Yellowstone NP
View from Mount Washburn
Woman fly fishing in the Lamar River - Yellowstone NP
Osprey nesting on the Lamar River

Pronghorn Antelope - Yellowstone NP
Bison - Yellowstone NP
Young Male Elk - Yellowstone NP
Young Male Elk - Yellowstone NP
Two Young Male Elk - Yellowstone NP
Momma and Calf - Yellowstone NP
Dinner Time - Yellowstone NP
Baby Elk - Yellowstone
Elk Babies - Yellowstone NP
Nap Time - Yellowstone NP

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