Sunday, July 7, 2013

Glacier National Park

June 30 – July 7, 2013
After spending the night in the Wal-Mart parking lot in Missoula MT because all the RV parks I called in the area were full, I drove to Glacier National Park and found one of the few remaining camp sites in the park. WOW it’s a busy time up here. The Wal-Mart parking lot was quite full. The first few nights in Montana were unusually warm for this part of the country, but it cooled down mid week.
Glacier National Park is a beautiful place.
Whether you drive your own car or ride in one of the many tour buses, the Going-to-the-Sun-Drive is a must see if you plan a visit to the park. I took most of the photos I’m sharing with you on this road. It is a 50 mile road that hangs on the side of the mountains, but takes you through some of the most beautiful scenery. No vehicles over 20 feet long or 8 feet wide are allowed on this road. I also explored the area on the east side of the park. I did not have time to make it to the Canadian part of the park, but everyone I talked to that had been there said it was worth the trip. So here we go with some scenes and wild critters I found in the park.
Let's start with the critters.

Bighorn Sheep Watching His Herd From Above
Big Boy Shedding His Winter Coat
Columbian Ground Squirrel Gathering Nest Building Material
Columbian Ground Squirrel Eating Pine Cone
Chipmonk Glacier NP
Mountain Goat Male
Wait I have an itch
A Western Tanager Came to Visit Me at My Campsite
View at the East Entrance of the Park
Looking into the Park from the St Mary visitor center
Early Morning at St Mary Visitor Center
A Glacier Carved Valley
Waterfall Glacier NP
A Glacier Carved Valley
This mountain has it's own weather
Water and Mountains All Around
Behind Logan Pass Visitor Center
I wasn't supposed to stop here, but how could I not take this photo
Red Tour Bus on the Going-To-The-Sun-Road
Red Tour Bus Driving Over a Water Fall
The Red Tour Bus stops and heads pop up
Horse Back Riding Near the Many Glacier Entrance
Lower St Mary Lake
A herd of horses walking through a burned out area that is coming back to life near the Many Glacier Entrance


  1. Judy - would you sell me some of the Glacier photos? I would love to hang them in my home. I absolutely love this park. It is so majestic. Beyond descreptive words.

  2. Judy - stumbled across your site looking for images of the Badlands, then saw you passed through Missoula. Having lived there for 5 years, I continued to scroll through your amazing pictures and 'reliving' my western days. Safe travels.