Friday, July 26, 2013

DeSoto NWR Iowa / Nebraska

July 25, 2013 Thur
While passing through the lovely state of Iowa, I payed a visit to the DeSoto NWR. It is located about 5 miles off US 29 near the small town of Missouri Valley IA. The refuge is in Iowa and Nebraska. A sign on the refuge auto tour lets you know when you cross the border. The visitor center is new and has many informative displays about the geological, natural, and cultural history of the area. This refuge has a wonderful blend of tall grass prairie and woodland. The refuge includes a large lake and is partly bordered by the Missouri River. I would love to return to this refuge in the spring or fall months and spend more time.

How do they fly in two directions without running into each other?

White Pelicans
Dickcissel - DeSoto NWR IA
Bank Swallow - DeSoto NWR IA
Orchard Oriole Male - DeSoto NWR IA
Eastern Kingbird - DeSoto NWR IA
Gray Catbird - DeSoto NWR IA
Display of wildlife at the visitor center - DeSoto NWR IA
Wildlife Display at the visitor center - DeSoto MWR IA
Wildlife Display at the visitor center - DeSoto NWR IA

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