Sunday, April 28, 2013

Vintage Travel Trailer Rally - Corning CA

April 28, 2013 Sunday
I have been visiting with my friend Cheryll this last week. She lives in an RV park on the Sacramento river near the town of Corning CA. As luck would have it, this weekend there was a vintage trailer outing at the park. My friends Rachael and Joel (Joel is my RV mechanic and Rachael is a member of my RV club) were there with their vintage trailer. There were many beautiful restored travel trailers and cars and trucks. A local car club came to the park on Saturday and parked their cars. It was truly a feast for the eyes. My friend Cheryll and some people from the park participated in an art show and sale. All that talent in one park on one weekend, it was a great time for all.
At 3:00 on Saturday Rachael served root beer floats in honor of our dear FreeWheeler friend Beverly who recently passed away. Beverly would always serve root beer floats at 3:00 to anyone who wanted one. All you had to do was come to her rig. We will miss you Beverly.
Cheryll and I will be going out to a nice dinner and a little gambling at the local Indian casino for my birthday tomorrow. YIPEE!!!
My camera and I were busy all weekend. What a visual treat we had.

Cheryll with some her art work
Joel, Rachael, and their very tall daughter
Joel and his stylish hat
Old Woody Jeep and trailer
1947 Chev Woody and trailer
Nice color scheme
And here it is all set up
How cute is this?
Nice 48' Merc
She was very proud of this set up as she should be
I like the sign
Great old Shasta
This guy was really into lady bugs even though the trailer was a cardinal. He even had lady bug draw knobs. Very cute.
I really liked the color combo on this old Shasta
A classy ole gal
What a cutie
Maybe I should do this. I could plant tomatoes.
Even has a white picket fence.
Pretty snazzy in it's day. Still is.
A rolling tin can
Nice old El Camino
Real luxury back in the day
Pink AND blue. So I guess everyone is happy.
Dear Mr Mike Kemp. I know you have had this truck for over 40 years, but I really really really covet it.
I'll bet this gets some looks going down the road
Good looking combo.
Bye Bye - Drive Careful
Doesn't get any better than this.
Eye Candy
More Eye Candy
Happy Trails


  1. Judy you are invited to come glamp out with us..

  2. I want, I want, i want..think I could truly live in one for a couple yrs, till I could afford some land to glamp-out..where is the next 2015 gathering in CA? I am in Modesto, to see these and talk to some lucky owners.thanks