Friday, October 26, 2012

Blue Ridge Parkway Music Center

Oct 26, 2012 Fri
Well I can now die a happy person. I just spent the last four hours playing my spoons with a group of local musicians at the Blue Ridge Music Center on the Blue Ridge Parkway. During the summer they have concerts at their outdoor theatre and from May through Oct a group of local musicians entertain at the visitor center every day at noon. I told them I played spoons and they invited me to join them. After our four hour set they told me they have, in the past, had to ask people to stop playing, but they really enjoyed my spoon playing and ask me to come back anytime. I felt so privileged to be part of such a wonderful group.
There were fiddlers, banjo players, guitar players, a harmonica and a Dobro. I wasn’t the youngest person playing, but there were only a couple of people younger than me. They played old traditional Bluegrass. I’ve been exposed to Bluegrass most of my life and I listen to the XM 61 Bluegrass station quite often. I was familiar with most of the songs they played, but there were some old time numbers that were new to me. One of the older women in the audience got up and danced a jig. What a hoot. She could sure move those feet. This music center has been on my bucket list for some time. They have a wonderful interactive set of displays that teach about the beginning of mountain music. You could spend an entire day viewing all the displays. If you have any interest at all in mountain music or just history in general this is a must see for you.

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