Thursday, August 16, 2012

Seney National Wildlife Refuge MI

Aug 15, 2012 Wed
Today I visited the Seney National Wildlife Refuge. I had a wonderful day driving the 10+ miles of auto tour routes in the park. This was my first time observing Trumpeter Swans and the Common Loons in the wild. The swans are so majestic. The Seney NWR was created to protect these two birds and provide a breeding habitat for them. I thought I would find the beginning of the warbler southern migration, but I think I’m just a little early. I did see a yellow, a golden-winged, and pine warbler, but alas, no photos.
Seney National Wildlife Refuge
Trumpeter Swan with Young
Trumpeter Swans
Trumpeter Swan
Common Loon
Common Loon With Young
Common Loon Young
Beaver Hutch
Spider Web With Dew Drops

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