Thursday, August 16, 2012

Saxon Harbor - Iron County - Boat Harbor and RV Park

Aug 13, 2012 Mon

I made it out of Minnesota and across Wisconsin today. The people up here have an interesting accent. I was just minutes away from the Michigan border when I saw a sign that said “County Park and Camping”. The arrow pointed toward Lake Superior. I drove 5 miles down one of those county roads with no line in the middle. I came to a small but pleasant park. This turned out to be Saxon Harbor, Iron County, Boat Harbor and RV Park. Such a big name for such a little park.  The park included a boat harbor, a sandy swimming beach with a dozen or so people lounging on the beach and playing in the water, and a rock beach where, I was told, you could find agates. I probably walked right over dozens of agates. Where’s Sandy Tuet when you need her? It was a calm day on Lake Superior. The waves could be measured in inches. I walked the beach for a while and watched people feeding the Ring-billed Gulls. Then I returned to the trailer, with not one agate, and was having a quiet dinner when all of a sudden I heard someone singing Margaritaville to a Kareoke machine. The gentleman singing actually had a rather pleasant voice. It seems there is a family from the area that has a tradition of meeting and singing at this campground every year. The family was very friendly and even invited me to sing. I assured them they wanted no part of me singing and then discovered part of the family was not really as good as the first gentleman – not even close.

A couple of the women wanted a tour of my trailer and also wanted to know all about my travels. I keep getting the same reaction where ever I tell my story. “I would love to do that. I dream about doing that. Someday - maybe.”  I keep telling them that I used to say the same things and here I am.
I was purchasing a map in a convenience store a while back and I said to the lady behind the counter that it’s always good to know where you are going. She replied that might not always be true. I said to her  “then maybe you should change your direction”. She smiled. I guess that was a bit presumptive on my part, but I just couldn’t help myself.

Lake Superior
Saxon Harbor - Iron County - Boat Harbor and RV Park

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