Monday, February 6, 2012

Life will be boring for a few days

Feb 5, 2012 Sun
Drove to an RV park and paid a lot of money to stay one night because they have TV and I can watch the super bowl. Not sure why – I don’t even care who wins. The game was OK, the half time show was OK, the ads were OK. I liked watching “The Voice” after the super bowl better than the super bowl.

Feb 6, 2012 Mon
Drove to the same RPI park I stayed in Jan 23 – 29. I tried to get in the park in Havasu, but it was full. Oh well. I need to lock myself in my trailer and set up my new computer. It has a different operating system and I need to load new software and transfer files from my old computer and set up an external backup drive. Hope all goes well.

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  1. Miss ya Judy! So glad to hear of your goings on!! AND to see your beautiful photos! Happy travels!
    Your bud,