Sunday, January 29, 2012

Jan17 – Jan 23, 2012
Well I managed to find the group camp at Quartzsite. No hookups for a few days. Glad I had the solar panels installed. We had the usual potlucks and played music around the campfire in the evening. It was good to make music again. Melody Evens loaned me her bongos. I was missing playing my congas. I sold them to Cindy when I left CA. They were just too big to carry with me on the road. Maybe I’ll pick up a pair of bongos. I really enjoyed the gathering in the desert. I met up with a few old friends and made some new friends.
It was really good energy.
The annual RV show and flea market in the town of Quartzsite was very crowded. The traffic was terrible. This little town was never meant to handle that many people all at once. The desert surrounding the town was a sea of RV’s. I feel bad for the native animals. Their habitat is pretty much taken over by a million people for a couple of months.

Mary took this photo of me and Melody making music by the campfire
Enjoying the campfire

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